In honor of today’s Rihanna Bowl we’re all already counting down to, how about a whole bunch of updates about Rihanna’s personal life? Would that help tide us all over until the football players who will pretty much be the longest opening act of all time clear the field for the main event? What if those v personal updates came from a real source using their real name who is really, really close to Rihanna? Yep. Thought so. Let’s go.

The rare, on-the-record source in question happens to be none other than Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, who traveled from Barbados to the U.S. on Friday and is set to celebrate his daughter’s first performance since 2018 (!!!) with her at the Super Bowl after-party tonight (sadly, he doesn’t have tickets to the concert/pre- and post-concert football game) and recently spoke to Page Six about our collective burning questions about his daughter.

Unsurprisingly, he’s very excited. And by the way, full disclosure: Totally paraphrased that the-football-game-is-the-opening-act bit from him (and it’s so much better coming from a doting dad). “Everybody is saying that football is just opening up for her—it’s the Rihanna show,” he said. “It’s the moment that everybody has been waiting for.”

But now, without further ado, let’s dig into the very personal Rihanna (and Rihanna + A$AP Rocky) goss he spilled, starting with what he had to say about his grandson’s name. Or more accurately, names, because according to him, Rihanna has gone through a “few names” for her son so far. Of course, because Ronald has no interest in being shunned at all future Fenty family gatherings, he stopped short of sharing any of those few names.

And what would happen if he broke the code of silence on the baby name front? “She’ll have my head if I tell you!” Fair enough.

Here are some other highlights from the Ronald Fenty Gossip Sesh.

Rihanna’s baby looks like him…but also like everyone he’s related to?

“Everybody says [the baby] looks like me, but you know, babies change, faces change. He [resembles] a lot of Rihanna and Rocky together.”

Here’s a TikTok video Rihanna shared of the fully adorable multi-named infant, if you’d like to judge for yourself:

Rihanna’s parenting style is already clear.

“She’s loving it,” Ronald said when asked how his daughter is liking mom life since welcoming her son last May. “She’s a very overprotective mother.”

Rocky has won Ronald over.

Ronald is a big fan of A$AP Rocky as a partner for his daughter/father to his grandson. In addition to describing the rapper as “such a cool guy,” Ronald says he’s “very respectable” and “taking to fatherhood very well.”

But don’t get your heart set on a Rihanna + Rocky wedding.

“I don’t know about marriage, I really don’t know,” Ronald insisted when asked if wedding bells were in the longtime couple’s future.

BRB, 😭 @ the idea of never getting to see Rihanna give the world the definitive take on bridal fashion.

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