WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 361

Black Clover fans were left hanging as the manga went on a break last week, leaving them eager for the usual spoilers that tease the upcoming chapter. But now the long-awaited spoilers for the new chapter have finally surfaced, and they're packed with excitement.

Despite facing an enormous attack from Yuno, Lucius will be making his grand return as if nothing happened. And let's be honest, we all knew he wouldn't go down that easily; that's why he is the ultimate villain of Black Clover.

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But our heroes are not about to back down either. They have a clever plan up their sleeves to take down Lucius and his formidable army. And guess what? The spoilers confirm that Asta is making a triumphant comeback! Let's take a look at the complete spoilers for Black Clover chapter 361.

Black Clover Chapter 361 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter is titled "Doomsday Army," and we see that the battlefield is strewn with wreckage and chaos as Lucius, believed to be defeated, suddenly reappears unharmed, wearing a sinister smile. Yuno stands bewildered, certain that what he has witnessed is no hallucination. The bewildered Yuno fails to comprehend the situation unfolding before him as buildings begin to crumble in Lucius's presence. With an air of confidence, Lucius proclaims, "Currently, I possess soul, body, blood, and bone magic, I can even create clones of myself."

Deep within his thoughts, Lucius revels in the flawless execution of his plan, even though his adversaries have surpassed his foresight. He is determined to establish the world without a flaw and descend as the Wizard Emperor. Suddenly, multiple versions of Lucius materialize around Yuno, commending him for becoming so strong.

As the NPC grow increasingly worried at the sight, Noelle refuses to surrender to despair and screams out that they haven't lost yet and there's still hope. Meanwhile, the scene shifts to the Black Bulls, where Vanessa engages in a conversation with the enigmatic Witch Queen. Vanessa explains their urgent need for assistance, requesting the Witch Queen to find whom they are looking for. To their surprise, the Witch Queen calmly responds, stating that she has already foreseen their arrival.

The Witch Queen reveals the whereabouts of Asta, affirming that he is alive but trapped in a foreign land. A wave of joy washes over the Black Bulls upon hearing the news. However, they soon realize that the distance between them and Asta is too great to summon him back. Sensing their distress, Dorothy assures them that she has a solution.

Dorothy proposes that their plan to defeat Lucius requires Asta's involvement since he possesses an unpredictable future that Lucius cannot foresee. She proclaims that by uniting their powers, the three most powerful witches of all time, including herself, Vanessa, and the Witch Queen, they can achieve anything. Understanding the dire state of the world, the Witch Queen resolves to aid them in their quest.

Drawing upon their collective strength, the Black Bulls activate a powerful compound magic known as "The Door of Destiny" with their Spatial Mage. Dorothy explains the magnificent capabilities of this magic, stating that it can enable them to meet the person they desire the most. And at the culmination of the chapter, Asta, the missing hero, finally returns to where he truly belongs.

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