Diablo IV’s Codex of Power Aspects are powerful upgrades players can imprint on gear items to transform character abilities in unique and interesting ways. These Aspects are a key part of character progression and builds in Diablo IV, allowing players to improve their favorite character abilities and augment them with new passive effects. However, unlocking and using them can be a tricky process.

Codex of Power Aspects can be applied to most gear items; however, imprinting Aspects on Legendary quality items will replace any existing item abilities. As of writing, there are 115 total Codex of Power Aspects, divided into Defensive, Offensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility categories, depending on the type of passive buffs they grant. Some are class-specific, while others can be used for all classes, giving players plenty of freedom when it comes to picking and choosing Aspects for character builds.

How To Find Codex Of Power Aspects In Diablo IV

Codex of Power Aspects can be obtained by completing side dungeons or progressing through story campaign content. Generally speaking, players will find that most Aspects in the Codex of Power are obtained by completing dungeons, such as Diablo IV’s Champion’s Demise Dungeon. There are dozens of dungeons scattered all over Sanctuary, allowing players to rapidly build a collection of useful passive buffs for their characters.

Players will receive a wide range of rewards for beating the final dungeon boss, and the dungeon’s Aspect will be added automatically to the Codex of Power. From there, players can make a quick exit from Diablo IV’s dungeons and visit Occultists to imprint these Aspects on their favorite gear items.

The Codex of Power allows players to pin the exact locations of dungeons they need to complete to unlock each Aspect. Players can use these to track down the Aspects they want for their character builds, making it a handy tool.

How To Use Codex Of Power Aspects In Diablo IV

To imprint Codex of Power Aspects on gear items, players must visit Occultist NPCs found throughout the open world. This includes Demyan, who can be found in Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks, ensuring that players have access to this mechanic early in the game. Occultists appear on the mini-map as a triangular symbol with circles on each corner.

By speaking to an Occultist, players can choose a weapon or armor piece and select an Aspect from the Codex of Power to imprint. It appears that Codex of Power Aspects can be applied to more than one item. However, players should be aware that imprinting costs Gold and Veiled Crystals. Veiled Crystals are mainly obtained through Diablo IV’s gear salvaging mechanic, which involves visiting one of the game’s blacksmiths to salvage unwanted gear.

Players can also visit Occultists and extract Aspects from Legendary gear items. This places the Aspect in the player’s inventory for re-imprinting on other gear items.

As such, Codex of Power Aspects are essential for character progression and a fantastic way for players to fine-tune their character builds. However, to get the most out of Aspects, players will need both resources and nerves of steel to conquer the untold horrors of Diablo IV’s dungeons.

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