South London is for lovers, as Searchlight Pictures dropped the official trailer for Rye Lane. Raine Allen-Miller's directorial debut stars Vivian Oparah and David Jonsson as charming yet heartbroken lovers looking for something they've lost. The unconventional romantic comedy debuted at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, and tells the story of two twenty-somethings over the course of one day in South London who form an unlikely bond through their horrific breakups. As the duo shares their story with one another, they realize they may have had the wrong idea about love all along.

The trailer opens up with a crying, scorned lover, Dom (Jonsson), trying to have a private moment in a public bathroom at an art gallery when he meets Yas (Oparah). The two have an immediate bond over needing to retrieve things they left behind with their exes and decide to spend the day together to make it happen. The two take off in an unlikely romantic journey, where Yas is just trying to get her favorite record back, and Dom is trying to find confidence after his ex cheated on him with his best friend. With innovative visuals, the trailer follows the two along as they take on an outlandish adventure together through South London. The pair find themselves in hilarious awkward situations after another, like Dom taking Yas along for an uncomfortable double date. "Sometimes you gotta see what happens," Yas says in the trailer as the hijinks continue, "And see where the breeze takes you," as they help one another heal from the heartbreak and maybe start to believe in love once more.

Thoughts from Director Raine Allen-Miller

Raine Allen-Miller's directorial debut Rye Lane sets out to be a romantic comedy like no other with its creative visuals, unique story, and undeniable chemistry from the lead actors. The film offers a different view of heartbreak through humor and undeniably stunning visuals. Allen-Miller spoke with Collider's Perri Nemiroff about her love of Nathan Byron and Tom Melia's script, "It's so funny, but it's also really simple, and I think that gives you the opportunity to go kind of wild with the craft," she stated of adding her own creative element to the film which audiences will remember.

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Love surrounds this film beyond just the script which is evident through the trailer. The film that premiered at 2023's Sundance Film Festival offers a unique look at love through the wide-angle lens perspective that captures the everyday beauty of the world around the pair. The trailer emphasizes the vibrant colors of everyday things from bathrooms, to markets, and even a neighbor's home with stunning cinematography that add another sweet layer of love for the audience to consume in this delightful romantic comedy.

Rye Lane will be available to stream on Hulu on March 31. Check out the trailer below.

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