Popular actor Stephen Amell has talked about AEW star CM Punk returning to 'Heels' series.

CM Punk's return to AEW was previously rumored and AEW President Tony Khan officially announced that CM Punk will be making his return at AEW Collision premiere on June 17. It is set to be held at Chicago's famous United Center. However, reports suggest that his return isn't moving the needle outside of Chicago.

This is the same arena where 'The Second City Savior' made his return to pro wrestling in 2021. AEW had a backup plan in place if the former AEW World Champion wouldn't return to the show. 

Well, it seems that CM Punk is not only returning to AEW but also to the popular series, Heels for its second season. 

Stephen Amell opens up on CM Punk

Stephen Amell took part in a live signing with Whatnot this week and discussed the upcoming premiere of Heels Season 2 as well as his real-life involvement in the pro wrestling industry. 

The show will once again feature AEW star CM Punk as wrestling journeyman Ricky Rabies, with Amell pointing out he'll have "heavy involvement" in Season 2. 

"Yeah, I'm excited to have him come back. I mean, obviously there's a little bit of drama and stuff like that, but the reason that he's been away for as long as he has been was because he tore his tricep tendon," Amell said. "Which is, believe me, he and I are either roughly the same age. He might be a little older than I am. I might be a bit older than him, actually. I'm not sure. But I also know how things are healing at my age versus how they healed in my early 20s. So he's taking his time. We worked out on Thursday. It's leg day. I'm still sore."

Heels Season 2 is set to premiere on Starz on July 28. 

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