A live-action Cells At Work movie is in development. Hideki Takeuchi will be the director and Yuichi Tokunaga will be the writer. These two previously worked together on the 2019 movie for Fly Me to the Saitama. More information on the cast and release date, as well as a trailer, will appear in the future. [Thanks, LiveDoor!]

Warner Bros. will be the distributor. This will be a major project for the company, as 2023 is the 100th anniversary of its founding. Aside from Fly Me to the Saitama ($3.7 billion), Takeuchi also worked on Nodame Cantabile ($7.8 billion for the movie; he also directed the show) and Thermae Romae ($10.4 billion). In the case of Thermae Romae, he won an award for Best Director during the 2021 Japan Academy Awards. These accomplishments are likely the reasons why Takeuchi was chosen to be the director for the Cells At Work project.

Cells At Work is a manga series based on anthropomorphized body cells. David Production adapted it into an anime in 2018. It focuses on a rookie red blood cell and a much more serious white blood cell. Aside from telling a story about the two of them and their co-workers, Cells At Work also teaches the viewer about the human body.

There will be a live-action Cells At Work movie. More information on it will come out in the near future.

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