EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios is delaying filming on another upcoming production as Deadline has learned that the studios’ Thunderbolts pic has pushed pause on the upcoming production, which was set to start shooting in three weeks in Atlanta. The crew was notified today and insiders say that the plan is to resume production once the strike has ended.

The move comes after Marvel had also pushed paused on pre-production for its Blade pic, which was expected to shoot in June as well. The studio had also been forced to recently halt production on its TV series Wonder Man, which had been shooting in Los Angeles and had stopped production in recent days. Like Thunderbolts, the plan is to resume production on Wonder Man once strike is over.

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While TV has seen more shutdowns since the strike started earlier this month, the film side has seen less productions halts and postponements but longer it goes on, we shall see if more studios choose to hold off on shooting and push productions until the strike has been settled. Last week, the Lionsgate pic Good Fortune decided to stop filming indefinitely because of the strike.

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