Legendary actress Betty White's last role was Bitey White, a Pixar character who debuted in Toy Story 4. The 2019 Pixar film followed the famous toys with their new owner, Bonnie. With Andy at college, Woody and co. were donated to Bonnie, their new owner. Alongside White, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen continued to voice their famous characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and they were joined by other popular actors like Annie Potts, Jordan Peele, and Tony Hale. Like the three movies before it, Toy Story 4 was another Disney/Pixar success that was notable for its emotional storyline.

White was a Hollywood icon who had been acting professionally since the early 1940s. A comedic genius ahead of her time, she was most known for her role as the naive yet kind-hearted Rose Nylund in Golden Girls. White also had some great TV guest appearances, and enjoyed a career resurgence after hosting Saturday Night Live in 2010. From there, she landed a starring role in another sitcom, Hot in Cleveland. White passed away on December 31, 2021, from a stroke at the age of 99 (via People), making her role as Bitey White her last.

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Bitey White Was Bonnie's Teething Ring In Toy Story 4

Bitey White was first introduced early on in Toy Story 4. In the scene, Bonnie played with her toys, but when she preferred Jessie to Woody, she tossed him in the closet. It was there that Bitey White was introduced as one of Bonnie's baby toys. She was an old teething ring of Bonnie's with a tiger face as the head. Alongside Bitey were other baby toys of Bonnie's that were left to collect dust in the closet after not being played with for years.

Bitey White wasn't one of White's most iconic roles, but her unforgettable voice and concern for Woody's mental state after realizing Bonnie preferred other toys to him made Bitey an empathetic character. Bitey and the other baby toys tried warning Woody about staying in the closet where Bonnie tossed him, but he opted to break the rules and join her for school instead.

Betty White's Final Role Was Bitey In Forky Asks A Question

Toy Story 4 wasn't the only Pixar project Bitey White was in. The character was also in a Pixar short, Lamp Life, and a series, Forky Asks a Question. However, Forky Asks a Question was the last project White voiced. Bitey had a bigger role in Forky Asks a Question episode 5, "What Is Love?" than in Toy Story 4, and showed her fiesty personality, much like White's.

Toy Story 4 is considered one of White's best movies, as she brought a special element to the story. Bitey White was small but mighty, and showed Woody that although she and the rest of Bonnie's baby toys were no longer played with, they still had value and a life worth living among other unused toys. Considering how special Toy Story 4 was (because many considered it the last in the franchise), it was even more memorable because it featured White's last character.

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