Henry Cavill has played Superman for many years of his life and has brought great popularity to his career. Here, check out if he could bring the hero back to life, according to Zack Snyder.

After all the back and forth between Henry Cavill and James Gunn, it seems that it was Zack Synder who gave a hint about the possible return (or not) of the iconic actor. The Man of Steel franchise was one of the most profitable for DC and the character has appeared in other movies, such as Justice League.

Since the director joined the company to lead creative projects with Peter Safran, several popular projects have been canceled. One of them was the third installment of Wonder Woman, which was to star Gal Gadot once again. The decision was made after the script, written by Patty Jenkin and Geoff Johns, was not approved.

Now it was Synder who spoke again about the future of the Enola Holmes actor at DC Comics studios. The two worked together on several occasions but one of the most important was when they brought together several superheroes to launch a three-hour film, titled Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Zack Synder may have leaked Henry Cavill's return as Superman?

There is still no confirmation from the actor, but the director recently shared two black and white photos of Cavill as Superman. This caught a lot of attention from fans, especially because of the description contained in the post. 

One of the images showed the actor being captured by Snyder's lens, while the second had only a text, which mentioned three major movie titles (MOS, BVS and ZSJL). It also added "Life is a cycle, from birth to death to rebirth. And so, the hero's journey is also a cycle. A continuous journey of growth and transformation. April 28 29 30".

MOS is short for Man of Steel, while BVS stands for Batman vs Superman and ZSJL is Zack Snyder's Justice League. All these films have been directed by this director and although nothing was indicated about a possible return, this has attracted a lot of attention from his followers.


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