American Idol will premiere its fourth back-to-back episode of auditions this Sunday and we will see more artists give the best of their repertoire to get a place in the competition. Here, check out which ones have been...

Although last week American Idol did not present a traditional episode as it had been doing, due to the Oscars, this Sunday it will return to its usual schedule and will present more auditions in its fourth episode. This episode can be seen on ABC or in case you don't have cable on fuboTV (7-days free trial).

The jury lineup is in charge of giving the yes to the artists who seek to be new contestants of the 21st season. Katy Perry is one of those who decides and one of the highest paid within the show, reaching $25 million per edition since 2018. She is joined by Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Currently there are already 38 artists on the show and during the next broadcast we will see 13 more join. In addition, Noah Cyrus and Allen Stone will be mentoring two different teams, while Ryan Seacrets is in charge of introducing them to each other. Here, check out who the new contestants are...

Which artists are the new American Idol contestants?

Carina Deangelo 

Fire (Willmore)

Johnny Knox

Kamron Lawson

Kayleigh Clark

Mariah Faith – I Can't Make You Love Me

Nailyah Serenity – My Man

Ophrah Kablan – Baby, I Love You

Owen Eckhardt

Paige Anne

PJAE – Mirror

Tori Green

Warren Peay


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