The Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer is brought to life in this flashy gender-swapped cosplay.

Cosplayer Nico Nico took to her Instagram account to share her Tengen Uzui cosplay, with a shot showing off the costume and her attitude as the flashy hero. She is pictured in a dark room, standing in an action-heavy pose and holding the character’s now iconic weapons, the chain-linked dual nichirin blades -- with LED lights adding some shine to the swords. She also sports a white wig to capture the character’s hair and an eyepatch, reflecting the character's state after the battle with Gyutaro and Daki in the “Entertainment District Arc.”

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Nico also adds a unique spin to the costume by switching up the details and making them more feminine. She boasts an open-chested shirt that makes the outfit look like a cross between Uzui and his wives. Additionally, she adds wrist covering fabric to contrast the character’s typically bare arms and even chucks fishnet stockings to continue playing with the presentation. The costume, pose, and attitude help make this a standout cosplay of the popular Demon Slayer character.

The post was very well received, with commenters praising the cosplayer for her excellent attention to detail and subversion of the character’s traditional aesthetic. One user called the look “straight up fire,” with another adding, “slay me, please.” The rest of the comments were filled with similar positive reactions. Nico herself stated her excitement about bringing the costume back in her caption for the post.

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Who Is Demon Slayer's Tengen Uzui?

Tengen Uzui is a member of the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corp, and plays a significant role in the show’s second season, otherwise known as the “Entertainment District Arc.” The character, alongside his three wives, helps the protagonist Tanjiro and his two friends, Inouske and Zenitsu, grow as Demon Slayers and participate in an action-packed showdown with an Upper-Rank demon.

The show follows a young man named Tanjiro who joins the Demon Slayer Corp after his entire family is murdered by the creatures, save for his sister Nezuko who has become one. He seeks out a cure for his sibling while battling against the beasts.

Demon Slayer is soon returning for its third season, known as the “Swordsmith Village Arc.” The first episode, alongside a re-edited version of the previous season’s last two episodes, was released in theaters ahead of the season’s premiere. The official season 3 debut is set for April 9.

Source: Instagram

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