Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment has set plans to partner with entertainment company 5th Planet Games (5PG) to acquire the Nordic production company Sagafilm EHF (Stella Blómkvist, The Minister).

Under the terms of the agreement, BetaFilm Nordics will remain a minority shareholder in Sagafilm. The existing Sagafilm leadership team, including Kjartan Thor Thordarson, Managing Partner, and Ragnar Bjorn Agnarsson, Chairman, will continue on at the company working across strategy.

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Producer and Nordic industry veteran Tjorvi Thorsson will join Sagafilm as CEO. In a statement, the three companies said Thorsson’s “extensive industry experience and expertise” will aid the “company’s growth and expansion.”

“This appointment demonstrates the commitment to assembling a talented and diverse leadership team within Sagafilm,” they said.

Discussing the deal, Rick Jacobs, Managing Partner of Linear Entertainment at Skybound, said: “This acquisition signifies a substantial foray into the European TV market for Skybound by leveraging Sagafilm’s exceptional track record for producing premium content and strong presence in the Nordic region.”

He added: “Collaboration opens up new avenues for the development, and production of even more original content, establishing a firm foothold for Skybound in Europe.”

Kjartan Thor Thordarson of Sagafilm, added: “Gaining access to Skybound’s extensive roster of intellectual property gives us all the opportunity to develop localized as well as English-language adaptations anchored in Europe. We look forward exploring new avenues through Skybound’s Wheel of Awesome model, through which we can extend our IP into various other forms of media.”

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